Moto 360 Camera Moto-Mod announced by Motorola

Motorola announced a new addition in the Moto Mods line, this time it brings Moto 360 Camera Mod. The Moto 360 Camera Mod is launched in Ghana (West Africa) today, the Moto 360 was already launched on June 20 but the event went un noticed.

As of now we don’t have further information regarding complete specs of Moto 360 but as the picture show the Moto 360 camera mod is based on two lenses designed to be attached with the 16 pins magnetic connector of the Moto Z series devices just like other mods.

The Moto 360 camera mod for Moto Z is capable of recording 360 degree videos and images, thanks to it’s 360 degree camera lens. Stay tuned for more information regarding Moto 360 Camera Mod it’s availability and price details. You can the see the launch event right here on the official Ghanaweb TV.

via Twitter