LINE Messenger: Enjoy free Calls and Messages

If as a smartphone user you have browsed for Communication apps, you surely would’ve come across the application that has topped the Play Store charts of over 52 countries worldwide and rightfully so. It has been here for quite a while and some call this application the complete communication package since it supports all those features that a random user looks for and would download multiple apps to attain the complete package. This includes, video calling, group video and audio calling, audio calling, messaging and texting. All that for free! No wonder it’s so popular.

LINE contains a variety of quite lucrative features that sets it apart from the rest of the applications and these features include the likes of “Shake It!” which is basically holding your and your friend’s phone together and shaking them at the same time which will automatically add them to their LINE messenger, that sure is an interesting way to add someone instead of looking for a LINE Id although that too is supported as well.

Apart from communication features, LINE also provides the facility of getting latest news, promotions and special Coupons for its users to avail which I think is an added plus and some users still don’t have to look elsewhere all such features are provided by one unified app.

Over the time some of the unique features of LINE have creeped in on other apps as well Like stickers but LINE still has a very interesting collection of stickers that can be used during texting or messaging and will surely add a little spice the conversation.

LINE is available on almost all of the famous smartphone Operating Systems and even on PC. You can download it for any platform from it’s official website HERE.