iPhone X finally revealed with edge to edge OLED Display

iPhone X is the biggest name that Apple revealed today in their big event in Steve Jobs Theater. The same day 10 years back Steve Jobs came up with some of the most advanced iPhone ever that changed the way we ever used smartphones. From that day till date we have seen uncertain hike in the advancement of smartphone technology and smartphones became an essential part of our daily lives. We are always well connected with the entire world with the help of a device in our pocket.

Today the launch of iPhone X proved that Apple is taking the iPhone to next level and the edge to edge with crystal sharp HD Retina display making it one of the most perfect iPhone ever. This latest device came up with hundreds of new features along new sensors and face recognition engine. Apple put lot of efforts and a huge budget to make this phone perfect and worthy to launch on 10th birthday of iPhone. iPhone X is a combination of most amazing hardware and software as well with a changed way of how we used an iPhone.

TouchID is replaced by FaceID now and according to Apple it is the easiest and most efficient way to unlock an iPhone. To make FaceID perfect they put lot of new sensors and chips like the infrared camera, that detects your face even in the night. FaceID perfection took more than an infrared sensor and engineers at Apple really worked hard to make their new benchmark perfect by putting bionic neural chip inside iPhone X. This means your iPhone X will recognize you even with your changed face like grown up beard, putting glasses on and even aging factor will not effect this functionality, as your FaceID will recognize you with your changing face and it will keep on updating your face changes. FaceID is an incredible addition in this latest iPhone 10.

The next big thing in iPhone X is its new dual 12MP rear camera with 2X image stabilization making your images perfect. This latest camera will be able to take perfect pictures even in low light with very less or no noise. Front camera is polished as well and now you can take pictures in your favorite portrait mode from selfie camera as well. Still images aside, video recording is vastly improved as well and now you can record 60FPS video in very low light with almost no noise at all. Also record full HD slo-mo videos at a frame rate of 240FPS.

Another big feature of wireless charging also popped out in iPhone X and now you can charge all your latest Apple products by just placing them on wireless dock. These include the latest Apple Watch Series 3 and much more. Also monitor the progress of charging your devices in a single display of iPhone X.

Usually when a new device comes up with such huge specifications the first thing that comes in mind is, how long its battery will last with these all huge specs?. Well the answer is this latest iPhone X battery is way better than all the previous iPhone models and it can last more than 2 hours than iPhone 7.

iPhone X is a huge step ahead by Apple in the smartphone market and it is a huge rival of Galaxy S8 that came few months back with same edge to edge display. This latest device changed the way we ever experienced an iPhone and this is also going to change the entire smartphone industry with the introduction of FaceID.

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