How to uninstall OEM/Carrier bloatware without root from Android

Welcome folks! Today, in this guide we will show you, how to get rid of Carrier/OEM bloatware from any Android device without root. Bloatware or pre-installed apps from device manufacturer or the Carrier to whom the device belongs is present on almost all the devices, the main reason behind those apps is that the OEM/Carrier want you to user their home-built apps without downloading third party apps from other sources. Although some of the apps are pretty useful but there are some apps that either doesn’t work in your region or un-necessary, this is called bloatware.

You cannot disable or remove them without root access because the OEM/Carrier locked down the access to disable them. So once you root your device for removing the bloatware apps your device warranty expires. But now you can easily uninstall Manufacturer/Carrier bloatware from phone without root access, you just need to enter some command on CMD window to get rid of bloatware from your device. We have mentioned the details process in each step just follow these steps in sequence to get rid of bloatware from your Android device.

How to uninstall OEM/Carrier bloatware from phone without root access

Before you begin you need to do the following things:

Download and update Latest USB drivers for your device on PC. Download 

Set up adb fastboot drivers on PC, follow this quickest guide to install adb drivers in seconds.

Enable USB Debugging from Settings > Developer options.

A working USB cable.

Process to uninstall OEM/Carrier bloatware from phone without root access || Uninstall System apps without root

Open Command Window on PC. Press Right Shift + Right Mouse click and then choose “Open command window here” option from the pop up.

In the command window, type

adb device

This will return ID of your device, below the ‘List of devices attached’. If not, check USB drivers or Adb drivers are installed properly.

Now type the following command in command window,

adb shell cmd pm list packages | grep ‘OEM/Carrier name

The above command will return the list of Carrier/OEM apps with package name.

Then type this command one by one for each package name app,

pm uninstall –k –user 0 package_name

Once you are done with the process, simply reboot your device.

That’s it! The Carrier/Device manufacturer bloatware should be gone now. If this guide helped you don’t forget to share it with others, Thank You.