How to take Screenshot on LG G6

In this short tutorial we’ll show you, how to take screenshot on LG G6. The process to take screenshot on most of the LG devices is same but the problem arises when you switch to a new device from the older one that you were used. So that’s the reason we are here to show, how easily you can capture screen on LG G6.

Taking screenshot is best way to share your achievements with friends in any game or something you wanna give them proof of that you actually did it. The Screenshot capture feature is present on almost every Android device but for each OEM it is somehow different below we have shared the process to take screenshot on LG G6.

How to take screenshot on LG G6

Just follow the below simple steps to take screenshot on LG G6.


  1. Turn on your device display and move to the screen that you wish to capture.
  2. Now press and hold Power button on Back + Volume Down button on the side simultaneously for a moment.
  3. You will see an animation with a click sound notifying you that the screenshot has been taken.

So that was all about the process to capture screenshot on LG G6 by Hardware button combination.

How to access the captured Screenshots

  1. Just swipe down the notifications bar and tap on the recently captured screenshot.
  2. It will open the last captured screen for you.
  3. To access all the screenshots you captured on your device. Go to Gallery and open the Screenshots folder.
  4. There you’ ll find the collection of all the screenshot you took now or earlier.

That’s it! If this guide helped give us your feedback and stay tuned for more updates.

P.C: Android Authority