How to play YouTube videos in the background on iOS devices [needs no jailbreak or third party app]

In this guide we’ll show you how to play YouTube videos in the background on all iOS running Apple devices. YouTube is the popular video sharing website by the biggest search giant ‘Google’, YouTube lets you watch the videos or even live stream the one if available. You can watch your favorite TV shows and even movies online, it is one of the biggest website where users watch around 6 Billion hours of videos a month.

YouTube also offers you it’s own YouTube app that is already available for multiple Operating Systems like, Android, iOS and Windows. The YouTube app is a great source to watch the videos on line using your Android Smartphone but on the other side it has a draw back if you minimize the app during video play it stops the video. But now in this guide we’ll show you the simple method to play YouTube video in the background on an iOS device without Jailbreak or using any third party app.

How to play YouTube videos in the background on iOS devices

To play YouTube in the back ground, all you need is working browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Just follow the steps below to play YouTube video in the background on an iOS device.

  • Open the web browser on your iOS device and visit YouTube webiste.
  • Once the YouTube website is opened, play any video of your choice.
  • Once the buffering is completed and video is in the player mode, just press the Home button to minimize the app.
  • Now swipe up to bring up the Control Center and then swipe left to go to the media controls.
  • In the media control you will the video you were playing in YouTube on your browser.
  • Just choose play and the video will start playing in the back ground.
  • Even if you lock your device then video will continue to play. If you are playing the video from your playlist it will never start the other one once the first one is completed.

That’s the only drawback of this trick, you need to unlock your device and manually play the next one as you did for the first one. But still better then using third party app or stuck in the long process to jailbreak the device for using the Cydia tweak to play videos in back ground.