How to make prank phone calls from Android [Hidden caller ID]

In this short tutorial we will show you, how to make prank phone calls from your Android device to any one. The prank call will never show your caller ID to the person whom you make a call, that’s what we are going to show you in this guide. Pranks calls are utmost fun, you can have fun with your friends by calling them without without showing your contact details. Although there are several applications to make prank calls are available on Google Play but most of them do not work proper but today we have shared the best prank call application for among all.

The prank calls application are just for fun so please don’t use it for illegal purposes. The method is quite easy all you need to do is just grab the prank call application from the link below and install it as normal apk, then you need to fill in your details like phone number etc. (these details would not be shown when called). Just go ahead and follow the instructions below.

How to make prank phone calls from your Android device

Follow these simple steps to make prank phone calls from your Android device.

  • Download the prank call application named ‘VOXOX’ from their offical website here.
  • Once downloaded the app, install it as normal apk.
  • Remember to enable Unknown sources in Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  • Once the Voxox app is installed on your device, tap on it to open.
  • Now create your account by entering necessary information like, your name, email and phone number.
  • On first sign-up you will receive $1 calling credit as a reward.

  • Once your sign up process is completed, then you need to enter any number of your choice you want it to be displayed on the receiver’s screen.

  • Now there you need to enter the details of any person you would like to call and then press OK.

That’s it! Have fun with your friends by just entering their number and calling them from unknown number.