Hacker released iOS jailbreak/unlocking tools stolen from Cellerbrite

Last month a hacker has leaked files that are capable of unlocking multiple Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. The hacker breached the system of Cellebrite and released some files on the web.

You might be wondering what is Cellebrite? It is a popular security firm based in Israel that makes devices that can unlock smartphones and supplies these devices to Government and other law enforcement agencies.

This bunch of leaked files are capable of unlocking any smartphone including Android, iOS or other, jailbreak for iOS devices along methods to unlock different devices are also among them.

Even the data was encrypted by hacker successfully bypassed it and got into system files. The jailbreak community developed method for Cellebrite to jailbreak any iOS device.

The main purpose of this hacking was to tell the Law enforcement agencies including FBI and others to be careful and don’t rely on the encryption because there would be some tools come out to breach encryption.

The hacker got access to sensitive data of over 900 Gigabyte but it has releases a little part of it. Although according to a spokesman from Cellebrite stated that “The files referenced here are part of the distribution package of our application and are available to our customers. They do not include any source code”.

via Motherboard