Grab the February Insider update for Office Mobile 17.7870

Microsoft released monthly Insider update for office Mobile Apps carrying version 17.7870. The update for MS Office Mobile has bring multiple improvements along bug fixes and more. The 17.7870 update for Office Mobile is available for all Windows devices customers, you can easily download the update from the links below. To see more about the 17.7870 update visit the official Change log below.

Build numbers and download links:

  • Word Mobile: 17.7870.4773: Download
  • Excel Mobile: 17.7870.5025: Download
  • PowerPoint Mobile: 17.7870.4264: Download
  • OneNote for Windows 10: 17.7870.5762: Download

What’s new in the 17.7870 update for Office Mobile:

Open more files in Excel Mobile: You can now open even more file types than before. For example, you can open files that contain legacy drawing objects.

Password Protection in OneNote: Add a password to a section to keep your notes safe from prying eyes. Learn more about password-protecting notes.

Change layer order in OneNote: Put tables, note containers, pictures, and shapes into your notes and then arrange which are in front and which are behind.

Create diagrams or flowcharts in OneNote on Windows tablet: Use the Shapes gallery to insert perfect circles, squares, arrows and more.

New page placement in OneNote: Quickly add a new page below the currently selected one, rather than at the bottom of the page list.

New paragraph handles in OneNote on Windows tablet: Grab the paragraph handles and reorder or collapse text on the page.

Reorder your notebooks in OneNote: Sort your notebooks however you like. Simply click and drag a notebook to reorder it in the list.

Save images and files in OneNote: Save your favorite picture or an important file outside of OneNote. Just right-click and save it to a location you specify.

Source: Microsoft