Google Maps Android Application Review

Maps- Navigation & Transit is the latest iteration to perhaps the oldest Location and Travel app to date, it is an extension of the famous Google Maps that has been here long before smartphone days and made its way in Smartphones and got even more popular due to its usefulness. It supports tones of handy features which keep the user one step ahead always. So, let’s start off its review:

Google Maps is a real-time GPS Navigation app that relies on real-time data to inform its user about traffic, transit and navigations. It covers almost every aspect of one’s travel, if one needs to know about petrol Pumps or some spot to stay along the route, the app will easily provide that information. It even tells the user about any incident that happened along the user’s route so that the user can avoid it before reaching that spot.

In newer updates, the location accuracy has so drastically increased that this recent feature of Lane guidance even allows you to see dead ends or twists and turns in streets.

Now the user can even find the highest rated Public places like Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals. etc. in the place he’s residing in or any other mentioned place. The rating is based on user opinions collected overtime. This indirectly helps the public places as well as their customers and adds much needed convenience.

And If you’re not satisfied by the Map animation and need a more vivid and real depiction of the location and spots then you’d simply have to avail the Street view and indoor imagery feature of Google Maps which will give you perhaps the most accurate information regarding any place. Google continuously keeps on updating its layout as well as the database to further increase the accuracy for the convenience of the user.

All those features are also available offline which often is the case when the user is travelling there might be the possibility of poor network connectivity, so offline Maps add relief to the user. The user can save any place or location he has visited or often visits so that it’s much more easily accessible from the application when the user runs the app again whilst planning a trip.

The Google Maps app is available in App Store for iOS users as well as in Google Play Store.