Google Assistant is rolling out in Canada

Google started pushing the Google Assistant feature for all the devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Google Assistant feature was first introduced in Google’s flagships Pixel devices, although the feature was unofficially available for various devices as developers ported it from Pixel devices and made it eligible to be installed on Non Pixel devices.

But now Google Assistant is released officially and making it’s way through all the devices running Android Marshmallow and above. The Google Assistant already released for non Pixel devices in US and now its heading towards Canada. Users have reported about receiving the Google Assistant feature on their devices successfully. The update comes as Google Play services OTA and you need to install it the same way you do for any OTA.

The Google Assistant feature for non Pixel devices is being released gradually in phases if you own an Android device with Android Marshmallow or above then you would be notified about the update anytime soon. Google Assistant feature has become the most popular feature some of the upcoming devices are already having it, the new Nokia line comes with pre-installed Google Assistant.

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