Galaxy S8 Active officially coming to T-Mobile and Sprint

Galaxy S8 Active is officially coming to T-Mobile and Sprint later this month. This is for the first time Samsung’s Galaxy Active series device is being launched on a carrier other than AT&T. On the launch of Galaxy S8 Active on AT&T, Samsung has confirmed that the device will remain exclusive to AT&T for a limited time thus allowing the device to be released for other carriers.

Galaxy S8 Active officially launched on T-Mobile and Sprint

Samsung has also confirmed in a single press release that Galaxy S8 Active will be available both for T-Mobile and Sprint carriers. The exact time frame for the release date is not confirmed yet but it will be available in Meteor Gray from T-Mobile and Sprint starting this month. The official release date and carrier’s pricing plan will be available in a few days.

Under the hood the Galaxy S8 Active share the same specs like standard Galaxy S8 including processor RAM and Camera but out side the 5.8″-inch display is camouflage with a shatter proof and shock proof technology. The bumper-clad design has no problem with a 5 feet fall along side dust and water resistant, the Galaxy S8 Active has an edge over standard S8 for it’s 4,000mAh battery which is 1,000mAh more then on standard model.

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