Facebook Ads are coming into Messenger

Here we go with the latest addition in the Facebook Ads policy, as they recently announced they are going to launch ads in Messenger too now. All those adds that were appearing at the newsfeed while scrolling down can now be shown in Messenger too. Facebook will open bid for showing adds in the Messenger and these ads will not appear in the chat window, instead it will be in between the chat list.

These ads will work in the same way like currently newsfeed ads are doing by selecting the desired audience. The best feature is direct link to calling number and also instant message option over the Messenger. This latest addition will help mobile sites to communicate directly with their mobile users and it will help in increasing sales of their business. These new ads are infact a proper e-commerce ad with one click buy and checkout option (varies according to the business and choice of the owner).

These ads are initially tested in Thailand and Australia and according to Facebook representatives they will push this ad update into their Messenger gradually, most probably by region to region. But it’s not that lfar when we all will be having an extra option of promoting our business via Facebook Messenger.