Download OnePlus launcher v2.1 and weather app v1.7.0

OnePlus Launcher has been updated to v2.1 along updated weather app, the OnePlus Launcher v2.1 is rolled out in the Hydrogen OS beta update for OnePlus 3/3T. This H2OS beta update became more popular because of major update to OnePlus launcher and Weather app also updated to v1.7.0. The OnePlus launcher and weather app are ported from H2OS, we have posted OnePlus launcher v2.1 and Weather app v1.7.0 in the links below just download the apks and install it on your OnePlus device.

The OnePlus Launcher v2.1 brings improvements in all field including newly installed apps icon are highlighted with a blue dot, search option in app drawer, updated weather app, customizable Home screen layouts with adjustable columns and icon size. On the other hand Weather app v1.7.0 also comes with multiple improvements which include dynamic icons and new weather widget.

Download OnePlus launcher v2.1

Download OnePlus launcher v2.1 apk: Here

Download OnePlus Weather app v1.7.0

Download OnePlus Weather app v1.7.0 apk: Here

Stay tuned for more updates!