[Download APK] Samsung Game Live app allows live stream of gameplay on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

After Facebook live from Facebook, Korean tech Giant Samsung introduces a very useful application for it’s flagship devices that targets avid mobile gamer. The application is named as Samsung Game Live, with this application you can share your game progress live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube live. This is the first time any OEM introduced such feature, getting idea from Facebook Live Samsung introduces Game live features that works on the same principle but supports multiple sources.

Once you install the Samsung Game Live application on your device, you have an option to generate a link to your stream via Facebook, SMS or Twitter. You need to set up your profile on Samsung Game Live and then you can use Microphone or in Game Audio, after the game session ended you have an option to view or share it later. You can set the video resolution, at the time there is limit of 4GB or 200 minutes of live streaming a game play but you can stream longer at lower resolution.

The Samsung Game Live App is working on Galaxy S8 and S8 plus at the moment but still it is unknown whether it will work on non Galaxy phone. The Samsung Game Live application can be installed on devices running Marshmallow and above but it doesn’t worked on our LG G5. If you wish to download the Samsung Game Live for your device just click the link to Samsung Game Live application and install it on your Android device.

Download Samsung Game Live APK: Here

via AndroidPolice