Collection of Best Root Apps for Your Android Phone 2017

Rooting mobile phones is a very common practice amongst people, it improves device quality and enables a fresh start to say the least. Rooting adds the added oomph to mobile devices and is actually encouraged in many androids in order to ensure their effective running. One thing to bear in mind is that rooting also requires using the right app in order for the process to be successful. Let’s have a look at some of the best rooting apps available for users:

Best Root Apps for Android

Here we mentioned some of the top apps for your rooted Android devices that are popular in 2017, keep scrolling down to find it out by yourself.

Lucky Patcher

An odd name to have for a rooting app but one which works like a charm nonetheless, Lucky Patcher is considered by many to be one of the best apps for rooting androids. Not only does it work on all android apps but it gives the user the options to remove unwanted ads, block-ons, programs and even licenses from the device. It also offers customer service around the clock and ha a global reach – being available in various different languages as well.

You can download Lucky Patcher HERE


If you are looking for good battery backup then Greenify is the rooting app for you. Through Greenify you get to know which apps are running in the background and consuming power so as not to strain your device’s battery life. This enables the user to close all extra running apps and make sure there isn’t any extra strain on the battery life of their device.  This also improves the performance quality of the android.

Download Greenify from HERE

Xposed Framework

Xposed framework is the most customized rooting app on the market. It gives the user the options to modify and add in extra features suited to their liking and requirements via modules. Users often tweak the android to their own liking.

System Tuner

System Tuner is another one for the keeps, not only does rotting the android through this app improve device performance considerably but it gives the device its own characteristic. It’s like having a brand new android in your hands again. As the name suggests it basically fine tunes the android. Through this app the user can easily stop extra apps and programs running in the background and restore more apps easily now.


A favorite amongst most android users, the Viper4Android app is an audio stimulator which improves the overall audio quality of the android device. It also amps up any other device connected to the android, providing the user with a proper graphical breakdown of the audio file being played in terms of volume, bass etc.

Titanium Backup

Another favorite amongst android users is the Titanium Backup app. It’s a favorite namely because of its low risk factor as it saves and backs up all files including pictures, video and documents even those on the SD card. It also enables the user to pick options of scheduling backups on their devices depending upon their ease – a user can schedule a backup once a week, month or every 3/6 months.

ROM Manager

The basic features of the ROM Manager are free for users, whoever if one is looking for advanced options like automated backups, notifications, updates then all one has to do is literally pay $6 and that’s it. Not only does this app back up old ROMs it also adds in new salient ROMs as well. ROM Manager comes with a range of new features which are very user friendly.


Not a very apt name for a rooting app but one which works wonders is the Dumpster. It’s basically a good recycling bin to have on the android where all files, documents, videos, photos etc. are stored. Whatever was deleted from the android will go into this app and is automatically recovered.

App Ops

App Ops is another simple and user friendly app which is quite useful as it enables users to manage app permission when it comes to accessing photo galleries, documents, contact list, and videos. It’s very easy to install and lightweight on the device as well. However one thing to keep in mind with App Ops is that the device must have its root access enabled in order for this to work.