Cars: Lightning League – A Quick Review

Cars: Lightning League is a smartphone game based on the famous animated movie by Disney with the same name. It features the same characters like the ones in the animated movie and is also developed by Disney like its animated movie counterpart. Let’s start off with its review:

It is primarily a racing game where the user has to face opponents on different maps and tracks and cross the line first, this’ll unlock upgrades for the cars, newer maps and tracks and newer cars that the user can buy to have a collection of his own.

What makes this game different from the rest of racing games is the fact that it has Boss battles, something that reminds of good old days of Need for Speed Underground onwards. This partly has been possible due to its storyline that’s based on Cars 3 and many scenes of the game are taken from there including boss opponents.

The overall graphics of the game look cartoonish with average animations, this however gives a less laggy experience since it’s not graphic intensive and should run well in mid-range smartphones that don’t have the best in class GPU.

This game cant be compared with the likes of Asphalt but it still would provide a pretty decent experience to someone who just wants a fair racing experience on his smartphone. It is available to download on both Android and Apple Stores.