Best Free Download Managers for Android

In today’s global village most of us are all stuck to our androids like our life depends on it and there is one task most of us will always be busy doing no matter what and that is downloading. Unknown to most android users, some people are actually using very old download managers on their androids, there exist exciting new download managers enabling people to make downloading quicker. Now any user can easily download their favourite TV show, sport matches, games or even access YouTube easily without any hindrance. There are several Download Managers available for Android to help you in ease your download experience over Android. We managed to set a list of few Free Download Managers for Android based on their performance and popularity, keep scrolling down and choose the best one according to your needs.

List of Free Download Managers for Android

Let’s have a look at a few of the fastest free download managers for android that are most popular in 2017 and also they are free of cost:

Advanced Download Manager (ADM)

Considered by many to be the best and fastest download manager for androids, the advanced download manager is no doubt the most powerful download manager amongst the pack. A leader in terms of speed and agility, it lets the user download up to three files at a time. It also enables the user to select the speed themselves and backs up all files on the SD card so there is no need to get frantic in case an important file was downloading. ADM – as it’s commonly called – is also very user friendly as it can make a user do other tasks on the android whilst the downloading is going on in the background. Once the download has been complete the user is then notified via a sound or/and vibration, unlike other download managers where users often have to keep on checking to see if the download is complete or not. There is also a lot of variance as the user can select the download links and ADM automatically picks these up for the next round of downloading. Moreover ADM also supports a range of browsers including Google Chrome, Stock Browser and Boat Browser.

You can get Advanced Download Manager from HERE

IDM Internet Download Manager

The go-to download manager for most users – including me – and the only one to give ADM competition is the IDM. IDM also happens to be the simplest download manager on the block, not only is it used on mobiles but it is a very popular choice for laptop users as well. The best thing about IDM is that not only can a user download videos but it also supports Java Scripts so complicated files can also be downloaded. IDM users often download everything from pdf files, to books, magazines, videos, PS4 & XBOX games, audios etc. IDM also happens to be around 500% faster than other download managers making it a very popular choice for android users. Another factor working in IDM’s favour is it’s built in ad-blocker so users aren’t faced with the menial task of removing unwanted ads which often pop up while downloading.

Download IDM for Android from HERE

NINJA Download Manager

A newcomer on the block in terms of downloading but quickly gaining momentum is the Ninja download manager. As the new kid Ninja has been designed in such a way as to tackle larger files when it comes to downloading. Not only can Ninja download large files but it also prevents the system from crashing, and offers the user the option to pause and restart downloads at their discretion. Another plus Ninja offers is multiple downloads at the same time. Users can also preview media files through Ninja while they are being downloaded. Ninja is also very user friendly, it gives a lot of power to the user who can easily queue up various downloads and then put them in priority basis for downloading. The only thing which holds Ninja bag is that so far it only supports Chrome and Firefox and to an extent Opera.

Download NDM from HERE

Download Manager for Android

If an app has been installed 10 million times globally that pretty much tells us everything about it, in this case this app happens to be the Download Manager for android. Two magic words going for it are fast and free. Fast as in it’s 3 times faster than the average download manager and very user friendly. It also offers search options via speech and voice recording, and through download manager files can also be shared on various social media platforms. Download Manager supports the most famous and common interfaces like Google, YouTube, twitter and yahoo to name just a few.

Get Download Manager for Android HERE

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo download manager or TDM as it’s commonly referred to enables users to download files from web pages quite quickly thanks to its multi threaded accelerator. Even if a user switches off their screens Turbo still continues with its downloading. Like other download managers it also backs up all downloaded files on the SD card and offers the pause and resume options for downloading along with notifying the user once the download has been completed. Now a user can download anything from an audio file to pictures, videos, to documents on their androids. Users can use any of these browsers to kick-start the downloading process:  Chrome, Firefox, and Dolphin. The only major drawback for Turbo is not the user cannot access Youtube through this nor download videos from it due to Google’s copyright laws.

Download Turbo Download Manager

GetThemAll Any File Downloader

Get Them All is the simplest download manager out there. It’s very user friendly, offering no complications for its easy step-by-step downloading process. Since the app is embedded within the browser what happens is when a user is surfing the internet the app automatically suggests the downloadable files available on that particular page. All a user then needs to do is tap the desired file and it will automatically be downloaded on the android. There is honestly nothing more to this app, it is this simple.

Download GetThemAll Any File Downloader

Download Accelerator Plus

If one is looking for a quick and reliable means of downloading then we suggest the Download Accelerator Plus app to them. This app packs a lot of punch and users can breathe a sigh of relief as it’s designed in such a way that if there is any glitch in the android then the download doesn’t get affected at all. It simply pauses and resumes from where it left off, so there is no need to panic and think one has to start from the beginning. Just like Get Them All it suggests suitable downloadable files to the user while surfing the internet.

Download Download Accelerator Plus