All Android O Stock QHD Wallpaper

Google revealed its latest upcoming operating system Android O a few days back and its developer preview is available for all Android stock devices powered by Google and most of them are Nexus and Pixel devices. This latest Android O brings lot of new features and revamped user interface and from this developer preview we managed to extract Android O stock wallpapers. These wallpapers can be downloaded from below in the post and you can place them as your lock or home screen background and have a little feel of this latest and upcoming Android O on your devices.

Google released Android O at a time where most of other Android powered devices are still copping up to get their hands on Android Nougat that is still very rare and many devices and manufacturers are struggling to get that for their users. So it seems it is going to take a long time before we can officially get Android O via OTA update for our Android devices. Google promised to bring battery stability in this latest version as Android is always resource hungry and to run it smoothly devices are coming up with huge processors along lot of memory, each powered by a gigantic battery, still seems less. Well hoping for the good as from its earlier notes it seems Google is working hard to get Android less resource hungry that’s why they are working on longer battery life for their OS. Beside this some major changes are placed in user interface to make Android O look more lavish, and to make this more attractive some beautiful wallpapers are designed as well. So don’t wait for Android O to hit officially on your Android devices and grab these Android O stock wallpapers below and have a feel of Android O on your devices.

Download Android O Stock Wallpapers

Finally it’s time to grab these all eye-catching stock wallpapers of Android O for any of your devices. These all wallpapers are extracted from the OS carrying the same resolution in which they were packed in the latest version of Android. Currently we have uploaded only one Android O QHD wallpaper as more are coming soon and we will keep updating this post, so that every time you visit you will get some more beauty for your devices.