5 Best Keyboards for Android 2017

A majority of us use our smart phones religiously and a task which we are often doing on it 98.9% of the time is typing. Let’s face it, most – if not all – smart phones come with the most boring and basic keyboards. However due to revolutionary technology this has changed as users can now download and personalize keyboards on their phones making the entire process of typing a lot more fun and interesting. Let’s have a look at the 5 Best Keyboard apps making rounds in the android market:

5 Best Android Keyboards

We sorted out a list of 5 most popular and best Android keyboards according to their downloads and popularity among Android users, find out which one suits you best.

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

Just like its name, SwiftKey is rated highly by most users and often comes on top compared to other keyboard apps. The unique thing about this app is that not only does it offer different themes which the user can chose from but the user can even move about the keyboard across the screen wherever they like. This also makes it very user friendly and more convenient too, not to mention it comes with its own set of hippy emojis.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard for Android

Perhaps not as well known as SwiftKey but just as equally effective – TouchPal is considered as the hidden gem amongst other keyboard apps. It also is very user friendly allowing users plenty of spacing between alphabets to ease the task of typing, which makes this app very suitable for people with disabilities. It also offers a whopping 800 emojis to choose from, along with Gifs and suggested words.

Download TouchPal Keyboard

Go Keyboard for Android

Through Go keyboard app users can get a chance to personalize and map out their keyboard like anything. Not only does it offer more than 1000 emojis to choose from, but it also enables the user to swipe and correct their grammatical errors, customise the keyboards, chose from a variety of wallpapers. It also comes with a built in language guidance where the user can chose from 60+ languages.

Download Go Keyboard

Ai.type Keyboard for Android

With more than 20 million users worldwide there is no guessing as to which keyboard app rules them all. Ai.type is the smartest keyboard app which learns the writing style of the user and makes the typing task swifter and more efficient by manifesting the user’s typing style. It offers a large range of options for users including choosing from thousands of themes, emoticons, emojis, next word prediction, and even voice narration and auto correction. With Ai.type the user can express himself / herself the way they want which is the main reason for this apps large following and popularity.

Download Ai.type Keyboard

Swype Keyboard for Android

One of the smartest keyboard apps in the market is Swype. It offers complete freedom to the user to work around it the way it suits them best. As the name suggest it enables the user to swipe across the keyboard and play around with the color, font size and emojis. After the user first start’s using this app it gets well acquainted with the style and creates a more personalized style to the user’s liking. It even gives the user the option to choose from two languages and write in both of them at the same time. It also offers dictionary usage, auto correction a variety of emoticons and Gif’s to choose from.

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